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We strive for the highest level of function for each resident


To Our Families

Delaware Valley Residential Care offers a list of resources to help you better understand what your loved-one maybe experiencing now and in the future.  These great organizations are the leaders and pioneers in the Brain Injury world.

Our New Home

January 2018 Delaware Valley Residential Care opened its doors to our new site located in Warminster, PA. This new chapter in our growth allows our residents to foster a strong community relationship while allowing them to enjoy a higher level of independence.  The town homes are nestled in an area close to shopping, restaurants, and public transportation.  All this enhances the quality of life and endorses a higher level of function in the community. Our new state of the art property has a club house in the center which holds the Valley Bistro serving three meals a day, team centers for daily groups, management staff and more! DVRC is very proud of our structure day program which is also situated in the club house and offers structured day groups, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and programming tailored for the needs of each individual we serve.

Past Event Highlights

Eagles Game at Lincoln Financial Field

Temple Game at Lincoln Financial

Cooking With A Twist

Our residents enjoy cooking class with Emily who is very innovative with her choices and styles of cooking. The classes are limited and fill up very quickly. Of course the proof is in the tasting and boy it makes a home run every time.

Pet Therapy Sessions

Brock Eichenhofer and his trusty pals Emma and Bailey sure know how to turn a room into love, fun, and laughter. Our residents enjoy our fury guests who bring so much joy into our lives. The excitement are moments we treasure.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi, pronounced “tie chee”, is a mind-body practice that originated in China as a martial art. A person doing tai chi moves his body slowly and gently, while breathing deeply and meditating (tai chi is sometimes called “moving meditation”). Many practitioners believe that tai chi helps the flow throughout the body of a proposed vital energy called qi (pronounced “chee,” it means “air” or “power”). Our residents are lucky to be able to participate in this beneficial form of exercise.

Food for thought…

“Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts.”-Bianca Sparacino


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