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Independence is within reach


Our Vision

The vision of Delaware Valley Residential Care is to provide the highest quality of brain injury rehabilitation services and do it in such a manner to allow residents to want to be involved in their individualized plan for recovery. By doing so they can look forward to achieving their daily, weekly, and ongoing goals. Our focus is on residents first and recognizing that they are the reason we operate. We can then champion the rehabilitation process and services provided. DVRC can further our mission by providing a unique Home and Community Based setting with an organized structured day program. This will permit the residents the freedom to be part of a larger and greater community while providing the resources to live and grow.


Residents, designated persons and outside stakeholders have completed our pilot program involving annual surveys for our program. Current data show that DVRC boasts an overall satisfaction rate of over 85% for program participants. More data shows we have a complaint percentage of .01%, that means residents have no complaints 99.99% of the time! *

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“Thanks for giving Chris his life back.”

“Let me commend DVRC’s COVID-19 response!”

“Thanks to DVRC for keeping everyone safe.”

“I would like to say thanks and express my gratitude to EVERYONE at DVRC.”

“Thank you once again for helping out my Michele in a positive manner!”   

“Thank you so much for caring.”

A trusted place for your loved one.

If you are seeking long-term care for a loved one, contact our Admissions Coordinator. We will gladly discuss all of our care options. We are here to help!


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